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De club is al jaren dominant in de Tjechische honk- en softbal competities aanwezig, vele landstitels en bekers tonen dat ook aan, hieronder een overzicht van de geschiedenis van Eagles Praha. Van de site van Eagles Praha.....

Eagles Praha club celebrated 30 years anniversary

Year 2011 was for Eagles Praha, former SK Krc Altron and even before TJ Sokol Praha 4 – Krc, one of the most important. The club was established 30 years ago, exactly February 3rd, 1981 and started its history. Since the beginning all players put up ahead exciting and difficult goals. And the goals were not only on the field, but also off the diamonds. Did the club reach the goals...?

Let’s have look to the brief year by year summary.

1981 February 3rd, 1981, at Na Balkane gym hall the club was established under name TJ Sokol Praha 4 – Krc, first year of existence was topped by first National championship title in baseball.

1982 Three titles were achieved by men, Czech Baseball Cup, National championship title softball, National Championship title baseball.

1983 The National Championship title softball was achieved by men´s team again.

1984 This year we discovered area at Krc valley, the area fits by size to club plans and future requirements.


1985 The National Championship title softball was achieved by men´s team again.  

1986 Women won their first softball championship title, men softball team add another championship title, baseball team finished second in championship and baseball was introduced to Olympic Games program, beginning at Barcelona 1992.

1987 Our baseball team travels for the first time to CEBA (European Baseball Confederation) club competition B – pool, and women defended their championship title.

1988 This season is the best season ever, "Golden Year" in 30 years of the club history. Our teams won all three National championship tiles, baseball, softball men, and softball women, since that nobody achieved same result in one season.


1989 Men softball title again, first landscape work at Krc valley, just basic works, area is covered only by sand.

1990 First year of country freedom means first trips to abroad for baseball and softball without any political and police restrictions, softball men won the title.

1991 Softball keeps high standards, again championship title, women´s softball introduced to Olympic Games, since OG 1996 in Atlanta.

1992 Men´s softball title, Sokol Krc became the organizer of Prague Baseball Week tournament, at the rented field of Tempo Praha, this field was upgraded by our club to international standards required for the tournament.

1993 Split of former Czechoslovakia and also split of the club to three separate clubs – baseball, softball men and softball women, and first championship title at youth baseball category under 12.

1994 Softball men team won 10th title and very important, grass is growing on the first baseball field in our future complex.

1995 For the first time, Prague Baseball Week is played at Krc complex, baseball team dropped to second division and youth baseball won two National championship trophies.

1996 Baseball team qualified back to top division, youth baseball won championship title at under 16 category.

1997 On June, the opening ceremony of the clubhouse was enjoyed by all club members after many years of waiting for a dream comes true moment.

1998 First girl’s softball youth championship title, girls under 18 reached the country top position.

1999 Another title for youth baseball, last year when club reached just only one title during season, since that, the club enjoyed only multiple title seasons.

2000 At the date 02/22/2000 and also 20th  anniversary of the club, new gym hall was opened, and titles explosion started, thanks to all teams, also men softball, which won European Club Championship tournament, 12/18/2000 the agreement was signed with general sponsor, company Altron.

2001 Lights where built in the complex, thanks to sponsor Eltodo, end of the season several youth tiles, both baseball and softball, were reached.

2002 Girls won all four National titles in youth softball categories, baseball won European Cup A pool tournament, MLB donated to our club 98 541$ for gym hall extension, the name of the club is changed to SK Krc Altron.

2003 All Czech women and girls softball titles, for the first time in Czech softball history, ends at one club – our club Krc Altron, two youth baseball titles joined the softball ones.

2004 Six titles together, from baseball and softball teams.

2005 Krc Baseball Softball Complex is hosting both European Championships – baseball and also softball women. At the end of the season total 7(!) National titles belongs to our club. During European Baseball Championship Vaclav Klaus, President of Czech Republic (far left) visited the complex.


2006 25th anniversary means 5 National championship titles from Softball and baseball youth.

2007 Two girls’ softball youth categories titles ended at the club.

2008 Multi winning season again, total 6 championship trophies achieved.

2009 One of the World Baseball Championship round robin groups is organized at Krc complex, so far the most important event in the complex, nema of the club is changed to Eagles Praha.

2010 Youth categories finished season successfully, three baseball and one girls’ softball teams get the trophies.


2011 Season was again very successful, softball - women and girls (junoirs category) won National championships titles. Results of all the teams are awesome. Teams won almost unbelievable number of championship trophies – total 90! That number includes domestic championship trophies and international trophies as well. But we are missing some important achievements, for example baseball adult’s team celebrated the last National title win in 1988.

The complex belongs to the top baseball and softball facilities in Europe. There are few, less than five, all around the Europe, which can be compared with Krc complex. Concerning number of fields, complex is No.1 within Europe.

The club is very active to organize regularly top baseball and softball events, both international and domestic.

But there are many things which can be achieved. Success tastes sweet in sports…  


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